Flare Media is certified as a service provider according to Level 3 of the PCI standard (DSS 3.2) - the most important security standard in the payment industry.

As a financial institution, Flare Media is subject to the supervision of the German central bank and complies with the legal requirements of the European Union Payment Services Directive ([EU] 2015/2366) and all other relevant regulations.

Flare Media also complies with ISAE3402 / SOC 1 (Service Organizational Control 1), which evaluates and tests the internal controls with regard to the financial reporting of a service organization. This ensures that the guidelines and measures of the service organization are followed through monitoring, training and regular checks.

Flare Media has a remuneration policy in accordance with German law.


Flare Media operates independent anti-DDOS solutions from several different providers. Flare Media uses HMs for the secure storage of cryptographic keys, to which individual access is not possible.